Picolo hauler HPH02

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Small and compact net hauler recommended for boats up to 25 feet.

The rail roller of stainless steel runs freely and the two rubberized engine driven roller can be run both ways. The main roller can get displaced so that it can get two wear tracks, before the discharge. The Piccolo hauler mounts on a rail bracket. After use the hauler tilts vertically so that it goes clear off the boat rail. The hauler is made of sea water proof aluminium and stainless steel. Standard delivery consists of control valve, rail bracket and 4 meter hoses. 
Standard delivery includes control valve, rail bracket and 4 mtrs hoses.
Data Amount
 Pull  180 kgs 
 Oil flow 12 lit/min  
 Oil pressure 105 kp/cm2
 Weight  65 kgs
 Speed  55 rpm
 Hauling Speed  43 mtrs/min