Micro hauler HMH03TE + HMH05TE

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Combined rope and pot hauler designed for boats down to 25 feet. Pull 300-500 kgs.

The Micro hauler has three engine driven rubberized roller which carefully pull nets and catch over the railer. All the rollers (except for the pressure wheel) may be turned end to end , in order to utilize the rubber surface better. The lead roller in the shield is placed well under the rail roller to revent twinning and slippage of nets.
The nets and robes is mainly pulled by the tension part, which gets a solid grip on the ropes. If hauling pots, the pot hauler tilts the net hauler up with help of the tilt cylinder on the column. Then the pots will slide over the hauler and in the boat without the needs of heavy lifts. On the bottom of the hauler it´s mounted a cover plate to prevent any edges the pots can get stuck in. Hauling of pots must be handled with care. Circa every 10th pot comes skewed into the hauler and must be guided though. 
300 kgs pull with rubberized rollers, rail bracket, control valve and 4 meter hose.
500 kgs pull with rubberized rollers, rail bracket, control valve and 4 meter hose. Incl. hydr. cylinder for automatic pressure on the pressure roller.
- SEGMENT ROLLER: The rail roller and the main roller parted in segments to achieve a better rubber surface. The segments fits with each other and can be end turned. This gives good rubber economics.
- 2-SPEED: Double speed for hauling of nets and ropes where the speed and not power is the most important
Weight xxx kgs xxx kgs
Oil flow 12-22 lit/min  22-30 lit/min 
Oil pressure 140 kp/cm2 150 kp/cm2
Hauling speed  42-30 mtrs/min  30-40 mtrs/min 
Hauling speed/2-speed  --- 50 mtrs/min