Maxi hauler HMH09 + HMH09VR

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Automatic pot and net hauling for extreme circumstances where it also required to efficient and gentle treatment of catch and equipment.

MAXIHAULER TYPE HMH09 is equipped with three engine driven rubber rollers. The rail roller is 590 mm wide and can be used to hauling pots. Delivered with mounted hydr. tiltable column. MAXIHAULER TYPE MHM09VR has the same rail roller. It´s also equipped with a small vertical roller for lead the nets correctly in the left turned tension roller. The left tension roller gives better control and overview, so user can look at the rollers during use. It´s a distance between the drain and the rollers, so that the catch doesn´t get caught by the crossing of the pots.

STANDARD DELIVERY CONTAINS: CONTROL VALVE placed on the side of the hauler. The rubber rollers are hydraulic driven and is easily manuevered from the valve. HYDRAULIC TILTABLE COLUMN makes is easy to tilt the hauler vertically after a fishing session.

ADJUSTABLE TENSION ROLLER can be turned in desired position so the catch doesn´t get squeezed. EXTRA EQUIPMENT. JOY STICK STEERING can be delivered if ordered.