About us

Hydema As is a Norwegian company located in Fredrikstad south of Oslo, Norway.  The entire production line is on the house: product design, machining, welding, casting and mounting. Our market is mainly costal fishing and fish farming.  Please contact us for further information, or by our worldwide dealer network.

Our product range:

  • Power blocks
  • Net handling haulers
  • Tow rope blocks
  • Pot haulers
  • Line haulers
  • Pullmaster cargo winches
  • Winches
  • Capstans
  • Fish farming blocks
  • Hydraulic pumps, motors and valves
  • Customized solutions


Our team

Viktor Korneliussen

General Manager

General Manager at Hydema AS

+47 977 20 655

Linda Granat


Linda is in charge of the accounting in Hydema AS.

+47 911 03 587

Solbjørg Solgård


Contact with her regarding sales.

+47 959 06 100

Raymond Dahlberg

Technical manager - sale

Technical support - Hydraulic system and sale

+47 413 22 874

Gard Leander

Production manager

Gard is in charge of purchasing to the production. Ask him about delivery times for our products.

+47 916 19 269

Eldin Gasal

Engineer, Hydraulic

Engineer Eldin supports new projects and hydraulic systems.

+47 98 220 819

Vidar Johansen

Workshop supervisor

Vidar supervises the staff in the workshop.

+47 951 48 817

Lars Skinstad

Stock manager

Lars is in charge of shipment and cargo of our products. Contact him regarding tracking of shipment.

+47 952 57 997