Maxi net HMN30HS

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Automatic net hauling for extreme circumstances where it also required to efficient and gentle treatment of catch and equipment. Pull 2200 kgs Recommended for boats from 50-150 feet

RAISE AND LOWER FUNCTION is easy to use and saves time. The net stopper can be lowered down hydraulicly in the enginebarrell when the rubberized vertical roller is in use. 
TOOTHED NET STOPPER gives a very good grip. The staffs is made of stainless steel and can be changed. 
RUBBERIZED VERTICAL ROLLER is for gentle treatment of nets. The vertical roller can be endturned for traction on both sides. 
TILTABLE TENSION ROLLER can be adjusted in desired position so that nets and catch won´t get damaged between the rollers. 
CONTROL VALVE is placed on the hauler and serves the synchronized rubberized rollers. Standard delivery contains valves to systems with fixed pump.
SPACE SAVING the section can be turned and tilted hydraulic after fishing. HMN30HS can be delivered in three different versions. Divided type, with loose rail roller which can be tilted over the railing, or an all-in-one version where the whole hauler tilts or swings in hydraulic. 
- JOINTED TENSION ROLLER for folding together the hauler after fishing. 
Pull 2200 kgs 
Hauling Speed  49 mtrs/min 
2-speed  98 mtrs/min 
Oil flow 110 lit/min 
Oil pressure 160 kp/cm2 
Weight ca 800 kgs