Maxi hauler HMH07 + HMH07TE

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Automatic pot and net hauling for extreme circumstances where it also required to efficient and gentle treatment of catch and equipment. Suits for boats from 35-45 feet.

MAXI HAULER TYPE HMH07 is intended for nets and has several adjustment opportunities and a line of functions designed for modern fishing. Delivered with column without hydraulic tilter as standard. 
MAXI HAULER TYPE HMH07TE is designed for a combination for pot and net hauling and has the same adjustments as the HMH07. The rail roller is 610 mm wide to make it possible for the pots to pass through. By tilting the net hauler some degree edgewise, the pots will slide through and in to the workings table aboard. 
- ADJUSTABLE TENSION ROLLER with 2 main rollers that can be adjusted smoothly. This lets the catch pass more easy, and the fish will be treated gently. 
- DOUBLE SPEED for pulling lighter loads such as empty nets and ropes. 
Pull 700 kgs
Hauling Speed 43 mtrs/min 
Hauling Speed 2-speed  83 mtrs/min 
Oil flow 40 lit/min 
Oil Pressure 160 kp/cm2
Weight 160 kgs