Poseidon Remote Controllable Trawl Doors

The most innovative idea seen in the trawl doors development for decades.

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Our newest invention, Poseidon Remote Controllable Trawl Doors, is the most innovative idea seen in the trawl doors development for decades.
Poseidon trawl doors have hydrodynamic designed wings, three on the upper section and three on the lower section, which can be controlled to move towards or away from each other to control the water flow through the door.


The patented innovation, to control each wing individually, makes it possible to guide the trawl doors and the total fishing gear in preferable position, closer to the surface or deeper in the sea or keep the distance above the seabed in decided distance.

The Poseidon trawl doors will have the feature to be programmed to keep a steady distance from the bottom or the surface. For instance to keep the fishing gear 20 meters above the bottom during demersal fishing.


Environmental Fishing

The prototype doors, Poseidon 4,0 sqm, have been tested twice on the 76 metres Icelandic Research vessel r/s Arni Fridriksson with good results and proved that the idea could work. Final test was made in April 2016 on f/v Vestmannaey during actual fishing trip when the doors were controlled to roll in and lift the doors from the bottom or to gain distance between the doors or reduce the distance between the doors.

The Poseidon Controllable trawl doors is Polar’s participation in environmental fishing.