Jupiter 2.7r Trawl door

For deepwater fishing and high speed fishing.

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Jupiter 2.7r Trawl Doors are V-shaped high efficient trawl door suitable for all pelagic fishing from deep water fishing of ocean redfish and blue whiting to high speed fishing of mackerel and sardine.

The efficiency of Jupiter trawl doors, high spreading force, reduced resistance and stability has made them popular among skippers fishing North Atlantic waters, from Africa and in the Pacific Ocean.

Jupiter pelagic trawl doors are also used rigged for “off the seabed” fishing with bottom trawls. When replacing Jupiter pelagic trawl doors with traditional bottom trawl doors, huge saving on fuel consumption can be gained when the trawl doors can be downsized from 10% to 15%. Another important saving is on the maintenance size as the doors are not towed on the bottom.

Jupiter trawl doors come with vertical “multi-level” bracket to gain maximum effect when the same trawl door are rigged for shallow water fishing and deep water fishing and even during the same day of fishing. The “multi-level” bracket is designed to fit two or more shackles at same time which comes very handy when skippers need to change from deep water fishing to shallow water fishing.

Jupiter 2.7r stands for the trawl doors aspect ratio, 1:2.7 but Jupiter doors are offered in any aspect ratio requested. Contact us for more information.