Hauler HUC1 + HUH03

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A compact solution for lifting in fish farming. Unit, hand net hauler and Capstan in one.

An efficient and flexible solution for the fish farming business. 
Consists of a wagon with a built-in unit and hand net hauler. Also delivered with a Capstan.
PULL hand net hauler 300 kgs
PULL Capstan 1000 kgs
Quality Assured of pulling dead catch quickly and efficiently. The dead catch is pulled up within a minute. Makes the device reinforced to handle larger amounts of dead catch in an emergency.
User Friendly when the operator is saved from unnecessary wear from heavy lifts. 
Mobile - The investment is very profitable because the device is mobile and be moved around.
Saving Resources - Capstan with a capacity of one ton makes the device more independent. 
Many Uses - Like drying of nots, tightening of orkast nots and pearl band for delivery of slaughter fish.
The universal hauler must be anchored before use. It´s equipped with 2 steering bolt and a chain box with anchoring chain.