Lantec Winches

Extremely versatile winches, the LW Series is available in 20 sizes with line pulls from 12,000 to 300,000 lbs.

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Virtually any drum size can be provided to suit your specific application.

Product Features

  • All major components external to the cable drum
  • Large diameter, high capacity sprag / overrunning clutch design with anti roll over feature
  • Brake valve designed for high efficiency and flow rates
  • Motor mountings designed to accommodate SAE C and SAE D hydraulic motors

Product Benefits

  • Flexibility in winch configuration and easy access to components for serviceability
  • Reliable engagement and component longevity
  • High grade filters protects valve orfices from clogging to reduce brake valve malfunction and costly down time
  • Optimizes available system hydraulics to maximize performance through the use of optional hydraulic motors


Hydema is agent for Lantec and TWG in Scandinavia.

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