For seine fishing in depht 30-50 feet.

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The tow rope block is designed for seine fishing in a depth of 30-50 feet. The rope blocks hung from gallows or a davit aft for hauling the ropes. The guiding blocks will not be necessary.

The Seine ropes coiled directly on deck or bin., ready for the next setting without disturbing other work on the front deck. 

The block is made of sea water resistant materials. Standard delivery includes control valve and 4 mtrs hoses.

  • Diameter of disc: Ø130 - Ø260
  • Traction: 400 kg (at Ø130), 200 kg (at Ø260)
  • RPM: 94 rpm
  • Rope speed: 38 m / min (at Ø130), 77 m / min (at Ø260)
  • Oil rate: 30 l / min
  • Oil pressure: 80 bar
  • Weight: 32 kg