Hydema pot tilter

A handy and helpful equipment for fishing crab and lobster.

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The Hydema pot tilter allows you to lift many crab and lobster pots onboard you boat without harming your back and arms.

The pot tilter makes it possible for one person to work very efficiently with most kind of pots and improves your work position and safety on board.

It can be used together with Hydema’s pot haulers, rope blocks or similar equipment. You can also use it with Hydema’s safety foot valve to be able to use both arms during work, making you even more efficient.

It is fast and simple to install and remove since it is mounted on a standard Hydema bracket for our equipment.

As all equipment from Hydema it is designed for rough conditions to work under all conditions at sea.

On the photos the equipment is installed on a 20 feet open boat with outboard engine and a separate Hydema hydraulic power pack.